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Token Distribution


✅ What is PayPDM Coin ?

PayPDM Coin is aimed at facilitating the PayPDM Finance. This coin is using a smart contract based mechanism to fundraise for all PayPDM products & services.

The use of PayPDM Coin ($PYD) supports and implements the growth and utmost developments of PayPDM’s products & services, providing an asset worth for both community and investors.

PayPDM coin is modernized to function technically as digital assets, liquid assets and a financial derivate unlike most traditional cryptocurrencies.

✅ As a Payment method

PayPDM Coin ($PYD) being a major influence to the PayPDM Firm is being purposed to be a method of payment within the PayPDM Developments.

In FinTrade, $PYD functions as deposit, withdrawals, service fees, bonus & commissions.

In CryptoLend, $PYD functions as primary cryptocurrency to borrow crypto, referral bonus & commissions.

In PDM Gamings, $PYD also functions as the reward coins for players within the app platform, this reward coins can be sent to other online players and withdrawable to personal wallets.

✅ Reward Based

Being a community prioritized firm, The use of referral system is been adopted for growth and expansion of the community parameter which will directly influence the influx of users.
Reward are categorized under Referral bonus, Affiliate commissions and Merited bonus.
This rewards are purposed using the PayPDM Coin ($PYD) with a share of allocation been in quota.

✅ Service Fees

PayPDM Coin also functions as a service fee method which could be used to cover all transactional fee, incurred fee, service-applicable fee or other test fee where needed.
Using products & services under the auspices of PayPDM are completely free to use. Service fees where applicable are covered using the PayPDM Coin ($PYD).

✅ Token Usage

PayPDM Coin has a token usage of;

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With openess, integrity and a value based position. The allocation of PayPDM Coin ($PYD) is mapped out towards the developments of PayPDM and its related which isn’t limited to these fees; listing, trading, operational launch, rewards system.

While there is a percentage of PYD for burn, the rest of the supply get fixed.

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