PayPDM PYD Airdrop

PayPDM Coin – PYD
Platform: ERC-20 Ethereum
Price: ~$0.092
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 PYD

Token Allocation:
Private & Public ICO – 40%
PayPDM FinTrade & CryptoLend – 1%
Early Investors – 4%
Airdrop, Rewards and Community bounties – 10%
Developments – 10%
PayPDM Networks – 10%
To be burned – 25%

Project Introduction:
PayPDM Coin is a digital currency issued by PayPDM Network, Its a smart contract using the Ethereum based protocols. A Blockchain-driven decentralized crypto venture capital firm and crypto financial services. PayPDM has brought about trust, transparency, automation and efficiency towards crypto finance for individuals and firms. PayPDM Network is made up of a big team of digital experienced individuals, affiliates, developers, financial experts and others. PayPDM Coin is a digital currency for PayPDM Network which is a blockchain-based crypto friendly financial firm.

Mission & Vision
We are the next generational decentralized crypto finance system hereby being a trusted, transparent crypto finance powerhouse towards revenue creation for PayPDM and its finest community.

Vision –
Limitless possibilities, decentralized system and monetization.


Centralized financial tradings
Non experienced in multiple crypto portfolio
blockchain-based startups funding difficulties
Non transparency
Firm based profitablilities.

Our Solutions

PayPDM implemented a decentralized financial tradings which is one of the finest & outstanding financial trading ever. PayPDM FinTrade is a decentralized blockchain-based financial trading services .

One of our tag lines are ”Hodl, manage and diversify crypto assets”. As this implies, PayPDM has a well experienced and diverse team who makes the long run for a viable crypto portfolio with non subjected to volatility through major risk controls.

Blockchain-based startups find it difficult to raise funds at most times due to the high non expectancy rate. PayPDM Networks finds suitable startup which has a growth potential and finances through which generates revenues to both PayPDM & its community.

With goals and plans, Cryptolending under PayPDM Network is undergoing development to being made available to the community
The first beta users are only available to PayPDM FinTrade users who has passed requirements.

PayPDM is not only making revenues alone. PayPDM is a community based services which, (as we earn, the community earns). PayPDM revenues is majorly for PYD holders, PYD traders and FinTrade users.

PayPDM has been operational since 2017. Crossing the $2.5M tradings point at 18 months of operation. PayPDM Networks hosts various of projects which includes FinTrade, CryptoLend and PDM Gamings Networks.

Grab some PYD!

PayPDM is a world leading crypto venture capital firm that provides a trusted, transparent and viable crypto finance powerhouse. PayPDM has a network of blockchain based services which isn’t limited to financial trading, private crypto lending and also funding blockchain-driven startups or emerging markets which growth or growth potentials brings revenue to PayPDM & its finest community.

PayPDM FinTrade and PayPDM CryptoLend are subsidiary of PayPDM Networks. Major finance have been considered and implemented to have both services running and operational.

PayPDM Coin (PYD) shares 40% of its services revenue which includes 20% of its revenues to all users holding & trading PYD and 20% of revenue to all users using FinTrade.

To get started, simply place an order request here, have your Ethereum – compatible wallet safe and ready to hold PYD, and also to deposit ETH to trade this pair -> PYD/ETH on our listed exchange

You can also earn 20PYD {$1.8} by referring users to PayPDM FinTrade. All you need to do is sign up and share your referral link to friends and everyone. For every paid membership, FinTrade pays you also a 9% referral commission. Terms and Policies applies.

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