one of most favorite search results of crypto boomers (sarcasm only)  β€Ž?

1. Bitcoin Faucet sites

The bitcoin faucet site is a reward based website used to give free worth of bitcoin to users or visitors usually in satoshi.

Its a free way to earn crypto because you absolutely do almost no work and also it requires no crypto to start up.

To earn free faucets, users or web visitors must complete the captcha page or solve micro task and they are automatically paid in satoshis.

In payment, most faucet sites pays directly or make use of alternative processors such as faucethub which makes it easier to receives all forms of rewards from faucets sites, easily track received rewards and make withdrawals.

Tasks: such as watching videos, completing captcha, online games, downloading apps and also sharing to your social pages.

Pay: as low as 7 satoshis per 300 secs and high as 200 satoshis every hour.

Pros: You earn even while you are bored . Explore and have fun also.

Mobile-friendly and easy to use.

It doesn’t require personal info or Verification.

Cons: Time wasting if you think of making revenues through that.

Lots of tasks and low payout to compensate you.

Time and efforts put in this aren’t worth it.

2. Airdrop Bounties

Airdrop bounties are free coins been given out to participants or general members by an active blockchain project. It is primarily their own and new coin. Ethereum network is the most adopted and common, so basically you will get Personalized tokens under the ETH network. There is no possibility of getting major crypto like Bitcoin. This coins are given out freely to the public to help in project awareness.

These free coins are certainly used when a good worth of people finds it useful. A small ratio of coins are given free to the airdrop participants. With good marketing and awareness the tokens can definitely have value on the crypto market directories.

To get the free airdrop, one has to participate in the active airdrops. Tasks include joining a telegram group, joining a telegram channel, follow twitter and retweet.

There are various sites and telegram channels which shows active airdrops, upcoming airdrops and also past airdrops. It is recommended to do your research also before participating in one.

It is also recommended you have an alternative email address which would be made use for only airdrop bounties, a telegram account, twitter account and an Ethereum wallet.

Websites –

Telegram channel –

3. Blockchain Jobs

Blockchain jobs, Blockchain, Fintech

You can earn free crypto by doing blockchain based jobs. You also don’t need long term experience to get started.

One of the most common job is blockchain development which requires lots of dedication and skills. While others are as follows;

Blockchain, Bitcoin, Crypto

Writers – Content writing for various blockchain projects such as website contents, blog contents, email / newsletters and etc.

Community manager – Managing social pages of such blockchain projects. Roles such as moderator, super admin etc. who is social enough with basic writing skills.

Influencers – Blockchain projects loves influencers with niche in basically cryptocurrency, fintech. Some may require other niches but the most common niche is the crypto niche. Having a good fan base and good social presence.

4. Referrals and Affiliates for PayPDM


Refer a friend, referral program, refer and earn

PayPDM had structured out a good referral program for every member or investor (s) . You can earn free crypto from the referral program. You refer, you earn πŸ™‚

To get started follow the steps below;

Register an account on PayPDM

Confirm your email account

Share your referral link to others

Get bonus on every referred full investor.

Referral commission is 9% and only valid after a referred user places first deposit/first investment. Once rewarded, Bonus are available for instant withdrawal.


PayPDM with a primary goal to have strong affiliate network under the PayPDM Networks extends membership for affiliates who would like to grow with the team. Our affiliates are valued with absolute high priority.

Our affiliate system is majorly towards PayPDM services. Affiliates promote our services and earn good profit from every new users gotten through

Affiliate marketing works by sharing the various tiers of products/services promotion among members. This tiers includes pay per lead, pay per sale (new investor), pay per click. PayPDM has a specified pay amount for the 3 tiers. An affiliate managing platform is also available for affiliates to track sales, commissions.

Free training, bonus and promotions are given to all affiliates worldwide. We have basic requirements for you to be an affiliate under PayPDM Network.

Check out our Affiliates here.

Being an affiliate marketer for PayPDM Network is almost gold worth because it gives you passive income, instant bonus and commissions, working remotely, easy, flexibility and reward based tips or commission.

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