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What is PayPDM ?

PayPDM is a blockchain firm in operation for a crypto index fund investing, crypto funds management and blockchain based startup fundings driven towards a goal of a low risk investing firm. With diverse expertise in cryptocurrencies and financial markets.

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Why PayPDM ?

7 out of every 10 crypto asset firms doesn’t accept almost every individuals. Most Firm have some specified requirements which these individuals needs to have a matching order with. Which includes net worth, profession and even ID verifications.

Hence the need for the rise of an independent crypto asset firm which can provide solution and services to basic individuals while respecting everyones privacy using a decentralized form of network.

Blockchain Dapp is implemented in other PayPDM networks for more security, privacy, cross-border payments which provides more efficiency, lower cost, easy transactions and other possibilities.

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Wrap it up – Getting started

Slow down πŸ™‚ grab a coffee β˜• and sit tight


Home Page

You can get started by accessing our official crypto asset website


How to register?

Access our website and click the β€˜β€™Register’’ button or if you were simply referred, click on the referral link, sit back and fill the boxes with the required information.

We do not ask for much information, Feel safe with us as data security is our priority. We do not disclose your information to third party also.

We require you to make use of an active email which you also have access to and also a functional mobile number for extra security on your investment account.

Read the privacy policy and tos and agree to complete sign up.

A confirmation email would be sent after sign up, so that we would be sure of your email πŸ™‚

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Sign In                                                         

      Click on the β€˜β€™Log In’’ button and input your email address and password to be signed in.

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After being signed in, the dashboard displays.  Your referral link is also at the left side of the dashboard. The dashboard contains Deposit wallet, Interest wallet, Total Invest(ment) ,Total Withdraw(als), Total Deposit and Total Ticket.

Deposit Wallet:

This is the wallet which you add funds to and it holds your funds.

Interest Wallet:

After you subscribe to an investment plan and it has fully reached the maturity date or after the end of the investment plan. Every interest made, stays  in the Interest  Wallet.

Any time you refer a friend you get a commission. This Referral commission stays also in Interest wallet

Total Invest:

This the total history of investments you have made up till now.

Total Withdraw:

This is the total history of withdrawal(s) that has ever been initiated.

Total Deposit:

This is the total sum of deposit that has been made so far.

Total Tickets:

This is the total sum of support tickets.

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